U Network Bi-Monthly Report|June 2021–July 2021

1. Developed the DAO contracts, completed the recording of ballot interface and weighting interface

2. Personalized display interface to complete the proposal interface

3. Optimize the peer connection retry logic to stop immediate connection retry for peers disconnected by begin_other (block unavailable)

4. Expand the database storage optimization special to start analyzing the data structure of the data in the contract section in relation to reads and writes

5. Decoupled compilation dependencies allow for modular independent compilation and 20% completion of module grooming

6. Implemented domain name management to shield the code part from changes in the underlying IP

7. Researched and discussed dynamic membership protocols to understand the design ideas and frameworks of different P2P protocols

8. Developed automated performance testing tools for public chains, and provided perfect log analysis data


1.U Network was invited to participate in the 2021 World Blockchain Conference organized by BABITE Finance in Hangzhou on 24 July 2021.




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The Ultimate Decentralized Content Valuation & Publishing Platform

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