U Network Bi-Monthly Report | April 2021 — May 2021

Technology Update

1. Develop DAO contracts, complete the development of proposal interface and voting interface

2. Discussion on voting weights and maximum limits

3. Optimize the main chain P2P discovery process logic, during the connection peer, no reply to the handshake message, then start the timer intermittent processing

4. Optimize the data storage efficiency of the main chain and do batch entry action for consecutive transactions with the same address to reduce the number of IO

5. Optimize browser query efficiency, add secondary cache, and quickly respond to user query operations

6. Add the ability to subscribe to block data, allowing real-time interaction of the latest data information

7. To enhance user experience, hardware upgrade of service nodes to improve the computing speed of servers

8. Unify blockchain browser hint messages and handle corresponding errors or hints in a hierarchical manner


1. U Network was invited to participate in the 2021 World Blockchain Ecology Conference held by Shilian Caijing in Shenzhen on April 17, 2021.



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