U Network Bi-Monthly Report(2022.08–2022.09)

1 min readSep 30, 2022


Technology Update

1) Research EIP-3525,Defines a specification where EIP-721 compatible tokens with the same SLOT and different IDs are fungible.

2) The snap sync implementation has been updated in preparation for ‘path-based state storage’.

3) Deprecate pagination in GetTxsEventRequest/Response in favor of page and limit to align with tendermint SignClient.TxSearch

4) Optimize nonce handling performance in the txpool,50% completed.

5) mainnet optimization transaction logic development from the network layer to the transaction layer,45% completed.

6) Research exploring incremental verification and SNARKS without pairings,40% complete.

7) Inter-node communication is done by grpc to reduce the size of transferred data and thus increase the speed of communication, 50% completed.

8) integrate verkle trees into trie,reduce the cost of data transmission,45% completed.

9) Smart contract data splitting scheme has entered the development stage, through consistency hash plus virtual link points to solve the uneven distribution of data status quo, 40% completed.




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